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More Ideas from Our Readers - April 2020

Thanks to our readers we just added 20 more ideas to the At Home/General section of our website. Here are a few we wanted to highlight.

Don’t be confused. These bags are probably not the color green. Rather they are biodegradable but may come in a number of different colors. Now for the really confusing part. There are in fact bags that are black, white, yellow, blue, red, pink and orange. On top of that there are clear trash bags. Each color denotes a use for the bag. Yellow bags, for instance, are used for things like biohazard waste. If you want a thorough explanation click on the link above.

When we need a flashlight most of us simply take out our cell phone and use the flashlight app. This works quite well, however, if you do need additional lighting or you don’t have your cell phone for some ungodly reason, try using a mechanically powered flashlight. These are flashlights that have no batteries and are powered by physically shaking or cranking them. While they might not have as bright a light they work just fine and you never need to buy batteries for them. That is both a money saver and quite environmentally friendly as well.

We are going with matches here although there is quite a debate about which is more environmentally friendly. I’m not going into all the details but the link above takes you to a site that does expound thoroughly on this hotly contested issue. There are times I question whether I could be using my time more effectively on behalf of the global ecosystem but hey…. I know some of you get a kick out of exploring such philosophical and enlightening topics. Knock yourself out.

I have often wondered about this one. After all, chemicals are often very environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy as well. There are copious house cleaning chemicals and personal care products like detergents, shampoos and soaps. So, can we get away with watering them down? It would be a great money saver and good for the environment if we could. Unfortunately it isn’t a real simple answer. The link above is helpful but there is also the trial and error method you can employ as well. I think we can do it more often than not.

Thanks everybody (The matches over lighter was my idea).



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