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Make an Environmental Shopping List!

Grocery Store

Idea Highlight #143

It's amazing how much good a food shopping list can do. It will save you time, help you focus on the things you need rather than fall victim to impulse buying, help you stay within your budget, allow you to consider buying good foods, let family members make input into the family diet, reduce stress by eliminating panic buying, reduce waste, help organize large eating events like Thanksgiving, contribute to family health, and, oh yes, save you money. With a bit of discipline, you can achieve all these benefits and make grocery shopping a more pleasant experience.

When making your list take your time and do a good job. Find a list making tool or post a list builder on the fridge. At the top of every list put the following: Avoid Excessive Packaging, Avoid Plastics, Buy Fair Trade, Inspect Chemical Content, Remember the Cloth Shopping Bags, Buy in Bulk, Buy Local, Buy Organic.

There is an old saying in business; "failing to plan is planning to fail". Get into the Eco-Shopping List habit.


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