Climate Change Interview 5: Golf Course Owner (Kristin) - Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Live Interview

Kristin Frederickson – Gen X – Golf Course Owner – Cottage Grove, Wisconsin - Wife and mother of two sons

1. What are your thoughts when you hear that the climate is warming, the environment is being destroyed and that humans are the cause?

Well, duh!  I would agree it is definitely happening.  I think that owning a business that has to do with the environment drives that home.  In a sense the weather dictates how we operate.  It’s very apparent that there is some stuff going on.  Even in the last three years we flood regularly.  It rains more than it ever did before and we keep track of that.  Last year, in 2018 we lost 44 whole days of business because of rain.  And if you think that a summer season is 100+ days, we lost a substantial number of days we need to make the whole year work.  

The total number of days was outrageously high compared to years past.  We used to lose a day or two, here and there but we never lost as many whole days.  Usually it would rain in the morning and someone could go out in the afternoon but in recent years we have had downpours the entire day and no one is able to go out at all.  

I’d have to look back but it was crazy.  I think it was about four times as many rain days as years past.  And then this year it snowed in October and we didn’t have our 60 degree Fall days that we usually have.  It went from warm weather to snow just like that.  Being in this business we definitely have a different perspective on the weather.  So, you hope you are in a cycle and that next year it can’t possibly rain as much.  This year we had lots of rain in the spring and lots of snow in the fall.  You definitely pay attention to the weather.  

Beyond the weather issues we have here, I also think about global problems.  I mean the oceans eliminating parts of the coast.  It is obvious that we are all doing things that are melting the polar ice caps.  

2.  In your mind what are the driving forces of climate change and environmental degradation?

I’m definitely not as knowledgeable as other people about what is causing it.  However, if I were to say what I thought is causing all this it is a lack of urgency at all levels.  I guess really its at the higher levels where people are making the decisions that is the most important.  It’s those old white guys who are sitting in Congress and say that there is no such thing as climate change.  These are the guys who have the power to hold people to the fire if they wanted to.  

My sons say to me “OK, Boomer”.  I tell them if you are going to insult some one get it right.  I’m not a Boomer, I’m a Karen.  So get it right.  There are younger generations speaking out but you still have the old guys in charge who are going to destroy the planet.  I mean its been inaction for years but now if you have the inaction-people in power we’re screwed.