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Climate Change Interview 13: Registered Nurse - Toledo, Ohio

Reflections of reeds in a pond

Live interview: Tammy - Boomer - Registered Nurse (retired) - Toledo area

1. What are your thoughts about the claims that the climate is warming, the environment is being destroyed and that humans are the cause?

You know, that’s a big question. Well…. I do believe there is truth to it, but I don’t believe all of it. Are humans causing it? Probably, how can we not be. We are the people who make cars, technology etc. So that’s true, but I also believe that it is part of the natural process of the earth. It is the way the world is going to go. It’s been preordained. I sort of believe that.

2. In your mind what are the driving forces of climate change and environmental degradation?

My, these are big questions. I think its because our society has become to technologically advanced. It’s moving forward so fast and I don’t know if we really know how to deal with what we are creating. You know what I am saying? I mean, all these machines and phones and all the stuff we produce and we really don’t know how to get rid of all of it correctly. So, we damage the environment because of our ignorance. And, I don’t think we want to know, which is the bigger problem.

We live in a throw-away society and I believe there is some truth, if you believe the Bible, that this is also the natural order of what is going to happen as the world comes to the end and the new one is created.

3. Has your life been affected in any way? If so, how?

I can’t say that it has, not really. I do some of the things that should be helping, like recycle but I can’t really say I’ve been affected. I feel bad about saying that but….

4. In your opinion, what needs to be done?

I think our society is perfectly capable of fixing the issue…. But they don’t want to. I mean, look at all the things we have done. We put a man on the moon. You can do all these wonderful things and create all this fabulous technology but you can’t find a way to recycle it or create it so it doesn’t damage the environment?? Perhaps more money needs to be earmarked for folks that work in this field to encourage them to find solutions.

5. Do you consider yourself as part of the problem or part of the solution?

I think we are all part of the problem because we are all consumers. We all want our nice things. Do I try to recycle and do things so I’m not part of the problem? I do that but we could all do better.

6. What do you think the long-term outcome of climate change and environmental degradation will be?

I don’t think its going to be good. If we don’t learn to control our population and learn to control what we throw away, it won’t be a good ending. And this needs to be addressed globally not just in this country. And that, ultimately, could be the most difficult issue to deal with.


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