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Five Worth Reading - April 2020

In a time when Coronavirus is draining energy from everyone and everything including the Environmental Movement, it might be time to examine the linkages between the two. checks out the numbers and finds a bright side to the impact of the coronavirus. Shannan Osaka is quick to point out, however, that climate scientists and organizations are not exactly celebrating. The article is well documented and will give links to further explain where this is all headed.

There are certainly similarities between the threat of the coronavirus and that of climate change. This article talks about those similarities and suggests a we adopt a similar strategy toward both. Joel Makower of makes a case for flattening the curve against climate change. Perhaps if the time table of climate change were similar to that of a pandemic it would have been done long ago.

Justin Worland of Time Magazine reflects on the impact the coronavirus may have on the fight against climate change. There are plans for important global meetings to structure and plan for the future and those plans may be set aside for the need to restructure and rebuild our economies. What are the chances that one disaster will culminate in a second catastrophe?

What does the World Health Organization have to say about whether Climate Change and infectious disease are linked? Here is there brief assessment of their position and the need for predictive modeling in the near future.

If you look you can find hundreds of articles and scientific studies about the whether infectious disease is influenced by climate change. There is little doubt that there is a lethal connection. Vijay Kolinjivadi talks about how this is happening and how there is a common treatment. Until we start thinking holistically about our environment and our behavior it is unlikely we can solve these massive problem.



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