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Environmental Matters of Consequence

As we all move forward in time together toward the tipping point, when climate change becomes irreversible despite any action we may take and a sixth extinction accelerates, why continue to spend our time on thousands of individual, nearly inconsequential activities?  Why not instead, harness all our collective energies now into social movements to affect the greatest amount of change to the largest sources of greenhouse gases? 

Once we have individually conserved water, changed all our light bulbs and committed to avoid plastics, etc., why not unite to focus on regulating and replacing the largest human sources of pollution—automobile and airline transportation, coal and gas fired electrical production plants, building construction and other related industries? 

This will take social movements demanding massive political change, government cooperation, and global leadership.  To start adults need to support and emulate the annual youth-led Global Climate Strike that was recently held in 132 countries around the world. To do less is to devolve into irrelevance.  It is not too late, yet.


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