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Climate Change Now Getting More Political Attention

Photo: Harry Strharsky

The American Psychological Association held a survey this past December conducted by the Harris Poll, which results published last week, show for the first time that a majority of U.S adults believe climate change is the most important issue society faces.

56% of respondents said climate change is their most important issue; while 62% indicated a preference to vote for a political candidate based on his/her climate position. 52% were most motivated to change their behavior in order to preserve the world for future generations. 60% said they already have made some behavioral changes by changing their diet or transportation choices, using renewable energy and/or reducing waste. 68% said they have at least some “eco-anxiety, while 47% of those in the 18—34 age bracket said that “the stress they feel about climate change affects their daily lives.”

After the “final” 100% count in the Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders, endorsed by the Sunrise Movement, leads all candidates with a popular vote of 6,000 more than Butigieg who he tied for delegates. This was much due to the turnout of young people who pledged to vote for the Green New Deal, which Sanders supports.

This week everyone’s focus is on the next contest, our first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire.

Direct your friends and family’s attention to for suggestions as to how they too can fight climate change and save the environment.


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