A Travel Agent Wrestles with Covid 19

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Masked Woman, Airport Concourse
Flying in the Age of COVID-19

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Interview transcript: Tammy Hermanson, Madison, Wisconsin – Travel Agent

“Today we are talking with Tammy Hermanson. Welcome Tammy.”

“Thanks for having me.”

“This is our very first podcast and I have to tell people that this was not a difficult interview to get since you live across the street.”

“But yet here we are on video.”

“True. I should also let people know that you are also own your own business Tammy Hermanson Travel and we thought that would be an interesting thing to talk about today in light of what is going on around the world. So, again, thank you for being here. Tammy, I was looking on your website and see that you have been in the travel business for over twenty years.”

“Yes, since 1998.”

“You weren’t in business on your own all that time, were you?”

“No, no, actually my first my first eleven years were with an agency here in town called Barclay Travel who has since retired, and then I spent four years at Burkhalter Travel, going out on my own in 2013. I’ve been working out of my home now for over 7 years.”

“Is it different being on your own as opposed to being in an agency? Is there a different set of clients or customers or are there substantial day to day changes?”

“It is a little bit more based on referral and, you know, people finding me online versus being in an office that has a large phone system, where people have a lot more advertising dollars to spend and customers just look in a phone book or Google a travel agency. But most of my business even for the number of years I've been in it has all been repeat business and referrals. Referrals are fantastic! If you make one person happy hopefully you can make five of their friends happy.”

“So are most of your customers are individuals like me or do you have commercial customers as well.”

“I've never enjoyed the aspect of commercial or business travel. No offense to business travelers there's a lot that goes on for them but they're usually high demand and very busy and a lot of changing from this to that. I just don't enjoy doing that. My aspect and passion is more about the researching the history of places in Europe for my customers or just getting someone to a beach where they can sit and relax and enjoy the sun, the ocean and a cold drink, I can identify with that.”

So, my take on travel agents is they work two weeks and then they get free 30 days of travel from resorts around the world and they come home, work two weeks and they are off for another wonderful escapade.