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5 Worth the Read - May 2020

Horsetooth Reservoir Paddle Boarding
Photo Harry Strharsky

There are two kinds of pandemics we can perpetrate. Vox does a great job laying out the role factory farming plays in perpetrating them both. We are only beginning to hear more about the catastrophic results global meat consumption is having on the planet. Now its time to face up to the other dire threat – disease. This is a clear and concise summation of the problem and also suggests solutions. After reading the first part I was glad to see it finished on the uptick.

The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election for the younger generations. After Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were eliminated from the race young climate change groups like the Sunrise Movement were devastated. So where are they now with respect to Joe Biden? As this article from Politico Magazine explains it won’t be a free ride for Joe.

The days can get a little long now can’t they? Now that we’ve been through all the Netflix and Amazon Prime movies what next? Well, here is a list of nature documentaries from that are a great watch. They show off the beauty of our planet and help us remember what we are fighting for. Pick one or two out and track them down. Sometimes we need to escape into nature. It’s good for the soul.

This article is a little off the beaten path and comes from a website called I put it in this month for three reasons. First of all, as we sit at home many of us are entertained by the birds in our trees, and yards, and feeders. It might be time to do something for them. Secondly, we can still take action on behalf of the environment we call home. Finally, I really like this website and you might too. If you love birds take a look.

There are some wonderful small websites doing great things out there. Each month I’ll try to find a couple for you. is just such a site. I’ve selected a link to one of their pages called Going Green at Home. Still in the mode of what do I do next while waiting for the world to find a way forward, I think you’ll find the suggestions and ideas on this page helpful and useful. While you are there take a look around. I do.



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