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5 Worth the Read – March 2020

Photo - Harry Strharsky

Five articles on climate change and and the environment that are worth reading.

Sometimes its difficult to see the effect humans have on the environment. After all, didn’t it always look this way? This NBC News article shows us what happens when humans are lifted from the environmental equation by the coronavirus. Mother Nature cleans up the mess. Forced off the streets and into their houses, humans take their polluting ways with them. The images of China and Venice are noteworthy. Perhaps this will motivate us to do more. See for yourself.

This article from EESI is a little longer but very much worth it. If we are serious about weaning ourselves off fossil fuels, fossil fuel subsidies have to go. In the face of corporate profits these subsidies seem obscene. Here is a summary of those subsidies and their intent. Shifting this kind of money into renewable energies would go a long way toward helping both the environment and the economy. Everyone needs to understand how their tax dollars are spent.

In 2008 when the major financial houses of this country were destroying our economy with their outrageous and illegal shenanigans, Judy and I took our money to a credit union. We have been totally happy with our experience. Now is an even better time to ditch the big bankers. Dawn Gifford, creator of, does an excellent job of explaining why. Give it a read.

The Guardian takes a look at some cities that will be underwater sooner than we think. Of course, there are far more towns and cities at risk in the near future but how much bad news can someone take in one article. One would think that there would be an acute sense of urgency about all this. Take a look and find out.

I know I shouldn’t do this but I can’t help myself. As if that last article from the Guardian about cities going under by 2100 wasn’t bad enough, how about this one about cities that will be gone by 2050. If this doesn’t put a little ‘giddyup’ in our demeanor nothing probably will. The New York Times uses startling maps to show the profound effects of climate change. If you don’t want to read this at least look at the pictures. I promise not to double down on a topic in future “5 worth the read” articles.


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