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5 Worth the Read - June 2020

Can the Democrats get together on climate change? With Miami in the crosshairs of climate change why are they still building? Can we burn garbage and trash in an eco-friendly way? King Coal goes down. What are farmers saying about climate change? 5 worth the read.

Bernie Sanders, Political Speech, Podium
Bernie Sanders Speech, Unsplash - Vidar Nordli - Mathisen

Just what is going on with the Democratic Party and their climate change platform. This article written by David Roberts Of Vox does a spectacular job of summarizing the "what’s happening". He identifies the players and the issues. Don’t expect it to be another look at the Green New Deal. It’s a thorough examination of where the left is headed. I think you will find it exciting. Be prepared though, it may leave more questions than it answers.

Miami Beach, Shoreline, Florida
Miami Beach, Unsplash - Ashley Satanosky

The future of South Florida is bleak. Sea level rise is now likely to make many areas of coastal South Florida unlivable in the next few decades. More threatening than rising oceans is the intrusion of salt water into Florida aquifers. So why is Miami undergoing a building boom. It’s complicated. Robert Meyer of the University of Pennsylvania’s Risk Management and Decision Processes Center wrote this insightful article to explain that inexplicable behavior. A must read.

Plastic, Trash, Recyclables
Plastic Trash, Unsplash - Nick Fewings

Here’s one of those stories that you are not sure about. The Good News Network gives a brief but interesting look at one of those “let’s burn all the trash away” endeavors. The problem is that the process to incinerate trash has always produced more environmentally unfriendly gases. So, is this one different? Read the article and watch the video, and you tell me.


Coal is King no longer. Renewables have pushed past him. Get an overall look at the renewable energy sources and the percentages they now contribute to the overall energy spectrum. The EIA (US Energy Information Service) uses some simple graphs to tell the story. There is a long way to go before we rid ourselves of fossil fuels, but stepping stones like this one are important.

Farm, Sunset
Far at Sunset, Unsplash - Timothy Eberly

Ellyn Ferguson’s article in Roll Call addresses the plight of farmers during climate change. She talks about the rapid evolution of attitude brought on by incessant rains and huge insurance pay outs. Find out what farmers are doing to battle back. It is clear that no one is exempt from the ravages of rapidly changing weather patterns. Our farms are on the front line and our farmers are starting to act.


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