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5 Worth the Read: July 2020


Spreading rock dust, women leading the way on climate change, footing the bill on climate change floods, best ways to help fight for the environment, and trees, trees, trees are all on the agenda for this months articles.

This Article from the Guardian highlights a study that comes out of the journal Nature and talks about the impact of rock dust on our CO2 levels. You won’t believe it. Some solutions are so simple it takes your breath away. Once in a while one needs to read upbeat stories about fighting climate change. Here is one for you.

We are all holding the ‘tab’ for National Federal Flood Plain insurance. That’s right, when climate change begins to claim homes and buildings vulnerable to rising tides and flood patterns taxpayers will pick up the bill. This ProPublica article by Zack Colman and Katy O’Donnell lays it all out. On top of that, everyone in Congress appears afraid to do anything about it. Find out why.

Pexels - Cedric Lim Ah Tock

I think it’s time for the men to move out of the way and let women run things. We’ve screwed it up long enough. Nancy Wang talks about what that might look like economically as it relates to climate change in a Forbes article from June 2020. Don’t forget to check out some of her links.


We've all seen a zillion articles on planting trees to combat climate change. This one is worth reading. Not only is the scope of the challenge laid out in this Guardian article by Robert Rapier, but also the benefits beyond CO2 extraction. Learn more about the changing cycles for managed forests. Trees are still a vital piece of the solution. Check your yard maybe you can find a spot for another maple.

Here is a wonderfully illustrated article showing how lifestyle changes actually impact climate change. We’ve all seen thousands of lists of ideas to help the environment but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Beyond the ideas themselves Christie Aschwanden talks about the impact the actions of one individual has on others. It’s called “Behavioral Contagion”. Check it out and target some changes in your life.



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