5 Worth the Read - August 2020

What does climate justice really mean, Sneezing, and three different generational responses to climate change: How to handle climate anxiety in children, Young couples opt out and It's time to shape up old people (like me). All worth the read.

Unsplash - Markus Spiske

Principles of Climate Justice

We hear the term “climate justice” repeatedly but what does it actually mean? The Mary Robinson Foundation has published a set of climate justice principles that help us all understand that climate justice is not just a static concept but an action plan. It would be worth everyone’s time to explore these principles. This article has copious links for those who want to become experts on climate justice.

How climate change affects allergies, immune response and autism

Many of us are unaware of the ways climate change is affecting our daily lives. Here’s one that hits close to home. If you are like me, you may be sneezing more than in the past thanks to a changing climate. How does this bode for the future of our paper tissue supply? Read this article from a Rutgers University study.

Unsplash - Robert Collins