49 Halloween ideas that help save the environment

Americans spend over 7 billion dollars on Halloween, buy 600 million pounds of candy, and send 41 million pounds of waste to the landfills.  We can do better.


1. Don't use plastic bag or container for Halloween when going door to door

2. Find Halloween treats that aren't each individually wrapped Read More

3. Recycle candy snack wrappers with a zero waste box from TerraCycle Read More

4. Look for Halloween decorations at the farmers market instead of plastics 

5. Use natural candles in your pumpkins 

6. Purchase organic pumpkins Read More

7. Sponsor a Halloween costumer swap instead of buying new ones Read More

8. Use non-toxic face paints and makeup for Halloween costumes 

9. Choose organic non-GMO halloween candy to give Read More

10. Use non-plastic trick-or-treat Halloween bags and totes for the candy Read More


11. Use solar lighting for your outdoor Halloween displays 

12. Use real plates, cups and utensils for your Halloween party 

13. Don't hand out gobs of candy - one will suffice Read More

14. Save and reuse the stuff from last year and the year before 

15. Purchase costumes and costume material from thrift shops

16. Use edible pumpkins, paint instead of carving and then eat it afterward Read More

17. Compost your left over candy 

18. Donate leftover candies Read More