31 ideas to help raise eco friendly dogs and cats

We have a dog. Her name is Mimi. I had a talk with her the other day about her carbon paw print. I suggested a high protein, plant-based dog food. As you can see from from the picture above, she didn't seem too thrilled about it. As I explained, we all have to do our part for the sake of the environment and future generations.

We compromised, agreeing on the dog food if I would do a photo-shoot of her on the website.

Here are 31 ideas you might entertain for you dog or cat. It all adds up.

1 Use pet safe non chemical de-icers Read more

2 Avoid plastic feeding bowls

3 Pick up pet waste Read more

4 Consider not having a pet or sharing a pet Read more

5 Check pet doors to see if they are tight

6 Use biodegradable poop bags for pets Read more

7 Adopt pets instead of breeding them Read more

8 Try home-made flea & tick solutions such as vinegar, lemon juice and water Read more

9 Change your pet's eating habits if overweight

10 Make a dog waste composter Read More

dog looking out window
Mimi in her "I will protect the neighborhood" position. We know when something is afoot.

11 Don't play fetch with tennis balls that contain lead Read More

12 Beware of toxic chemicals in canned pet food Read More