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10001ways: Climate Week NYC: Simply unbelievable and you can still go for free!

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the stuff going on around the world to combat climate change. Thousands of events and millions of people are working non-stop to turn things around.

Even one robust event can be difficult to take in. Such is the case with Climate Week NYC an annual gathering to survey hundreds of aspects to the climate change struggle. This year it was entirely virtual. If you missed it, you can still attend online or through Facebook. Here is what you’ll find. It is definitely worth the trip.

1252 Sessions categorized under ten themes

  1. Clean Energy Transition - 172 Events

  2. Transport and Infrastructure - 101 Events

  3. Industry and Built Environment - 120 Events

  4. Finance, Investment and Jobs - 170 Events

  5. Food and Land Use - 93 Events

  6. Nature and Science - 116 Events

  7. US and International Policy - 97 Events

  8. Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice - 138 Events

  9. Sustainable Travel and Tourism - 47 Events

  10. Climate Impacts and Adaptation - 198 Events

Of course, the idea isn’t to watch them all but to find those you are interested in. Here is how you can do it. Go to the Climate Week NYC 2020 website and simply click on the category you wish to explore. You’ll find all the sessions for that topic listed by date below. Simply select the one you want to watch. If you prefer Facebook here is the link: Climate Week NYC 2020. I will have to say that I found the online website easier to navigate.

While you are in New York you might as well look around. Here is a great virtual tour website with dozens of tours, although there are many more websites like it out there.

See you there!


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