Riverbend Ponds

Loretta Strharsky

Stillness and solitude surround Spring at River Bend

The trout pond hosts a gathering of troutlets at the nearly submerged branches

while the waters lick and lap the edges.

It is not a beach with crystalline sands or a lakefront inviting boats to moor

Just a shore where the water stops and the rugged path begins

Where roots are exposed and the earth makes ledges over the licks and laps

Downy feathers, discarded by fledglings, rest in emerging grasses

Blackbirds have returned from wherever they winter if they winter at all

Their calls echo along the walkway across the inlets the ponds created long ago

Sparrows compete in chattering when they are not darting across the clouds and through the tree spaces.

A new song emerges but its vocalist is not to be found even though Spring foliage is meager.

Nestled near the water in a marsh among cattails

A heron strikes a statuette pose waiting for a trout trophy

Now momentarily displayed as caught then swallowed



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