The Steward of the Earth Challenge – December 2019

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

10001 Ways has launched a “Stewards of the Earth Challenge” for all who want to give it a try. You simply have to accumulate 10001 points by adopting behaviors that fight climate change and save the environment.

Here’s how it works. Each month the staff at will publish challenges to accomplish. Each challenge will have points attached to it. When you reach 10001 points you have become a Steward of the Earth! You won’t have to do all of them to get to 10001 points. There will be plenty opportunities.

Invite a friend along for the ride. Have your own contest and see who can get there the quickest! By the way, if you are already doing these things take the points! When you get to 10001 let us know and we’ll recognize you for your accomplishment.

December 2019

150 Points – Use Bar Soap

Your house is full of those anti-bacterial plastic bottles of soap in addition to all the shampoos and shower gels. Count them up. How do we get rid of them? The soap industry has an answer. They have thousands of shapes and fragrances to choose from. There is hand soap and hair soap and soap for dishes. This can really be fun. Don’t forget to use wood, bamboo or ceramic soap trays that drain. So start using bar soap and do it for at least six months to collect 150 points.

100 Points – Don’t Use Christmas wrapping paper

If you avoid buying and using Christmas wrapping paper this year give yourself 100 points. …. It’s a great way to be creative and draw attention to the environment. The internet is filled with alternative wrapping ideas for you to use.

100 Points – Put a Bucket in the Shower

A rubber pail holds 3 gallons of water. Place one in your shower when you turn it on and capture the water while it is warming up. Depending on how efficient your shower is you can fill a bucket every one to three showers by keeping the bucket in the shower with you. Then, when you are ready to flush take the toilet top off, flush and pour the grey water into the toilet tank. It takes a gallon or more to every time you flush so over the course of the year you can save 500 to a thousand gallons of water per bathroom, per year.

150 Points - Cloth bags at Grocery Stores

This idea should really get more than 150 points since it is vital to reduce or eliminate single use plastic bags. The stats on these things is incredible. It’s easy to replace with cloth bags. On the other hand, It actually took us about 8 months before we ‘always’ remembered to bring and use them. Once you stop forgetting them you have racked up another 150 points.

1,500 Points - Become a vegetarian