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Robin Between Winter and Spring
Robin - Harry Strharsky

Staff Poet: Loretta Strharsky

I searched for a poem written in days past

So I wouldn’t have to write a new one

Addressing April and coming May

But none is suited

For today’s wind today’s rain

Today’s search for the prospects of spring

So I sigh

Take a sip of this morning’s coffee

Which has been sitting on my desk for hours

Waiting for me to remember it’s there.

I’ll carry my cup outside

I’ll survey the grasses

Native, not cultivated

Still dry from lack of snow

As I muddle through the landscape of my thoughts

I am distracted by robins.

One carries still dry pieces of grass

Settling softly on a covered porch lamp

Gently placing its finding on other garnered treasures already gathered

He flies away and she comes

With her own contribution of native, not cultivated

I have found


With the blessings of native grasses, two robins

And a cold cup of coffee



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