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10,001 Ideas!! Really?

OK, I hear you. 10,001 ways to save the environment seems a little over the top. Not only that but there aren’t anywhere near 10,000 ideas on this website. Strike two! So what’s going on?

Well, it’s simple. 10,001 ideas is the goal. It’s something we can work on together. There must be a million things that we can do to save the environment. 10,000 is just a beginning. In the end we are going to need a lot more than that to get through this.

The purpose of this site isn’t to have a million people each do one thing to help out. That’s the kind of ‘every vote counts’ approach. No, it’s not just about that. What it’s really about is reaching a catharsis or metamorphosis. It’s about moving from one idea to another until an awareness takes over and you see the world through a new set of lenses. Everything becomes clearer. You become sensitive to your surroundings and its nuances. Finally, acting on behalf of the planet and its creatures becomes as natural as double-cupping your hot coffee used to be. It's not about the 'million things', it's about the 'million people'.

Some are, or will become, eco-warriors and live in the 'social action' portion of this site. Others will find enough challenge in managing the environment of the their home and property. There will be some who will find ways to save money while others may be distressed that saving the environment costs a little more. Whatever, we hope that this site makes you realize that we aren’t helpless and doomed even though it often seems that way.

Each month we will drop more ideas on the site. We will link many of them to source material that quantifies the problem, or gives an explanation, or points you in a direction. The categories should help you find what you are interested in and focus your efforts. There will be thousands of links to marvelous websites and organizations that will not only help you on your way but allow you to see the millions of people who are at work to right-the-ship.

To get to our goal we hope you will chip in and send ideas to us. If you wish send us an editorial for our blog. If we got something wrong or could do it better let us know. This site will be built by it's users.

The most common reaction I have had to this project so far has been something like, “You really think using bar soap instead of plastic bottled liquid soap is going to make a difference?” There is a long answer to that question and a short answer. Part of the long answer I’ve already addressed above but the short answer is…

Yes, I do.


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