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Great Environmental Leaders Make a Plea Worth Watching

Lone Tree, Clouds, Mist
Photo: Pixabay

This brief plea comes from some of the best known environmentalists on the planet. Listen more than once. You can hear the urgency in their voices and then read more about them below.

David is a broadcaster and natural historian known best for his Life on Earth and Blue Planet series. His name is among the 100 greatest Britons and is considered a national treasure.

Jane has studied chimpanzees in Tanzania for the past 60 years. She is a world renown environmentalist, primatologist and anthropologist. She also is a United Nations messenger of peace. Much honored and revered, Jane has devoted her life to animal welfare and the preservation of the environment.

Greta has galvanized the environmental movement with her development of an annual world wide climate strike. Much recognized by the media she is focused exclusively on generating the political change required to reverse the effects of climate change. She has inspired 10s of thousands of young people world-wide.

Cristiana Paşca Palmer is the United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests of the Government of Romania.

For over 35 years, Averda has been continuously improving living and working environments for millions of people by providing effective and transformative city cleaning and waste management services. Averda holds its corporate headquarters in Dubai & London, regional offices in Johannesburg, Casablanca & Riyadh and operates in over 10 countries across Europe, Middle East & Africa. Malek holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University, USA.

Koldewey is co-founder and Field Conservation Manager of Project Seahorse, a marine conservation organization. She works for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) as a postdoctoral research scientist, then as curator of the ZSL London Zoo Aquarium and currently as Senior Technical Advisor.

Senior Director and Head of Environmental Initiatives, World Economic Forum, Dominic works on climate change and water security issues. Much sought after speaker of the economy as it relates to climate change around the world.

Daniela V. Fernandez founded SOA in 2014 while she was an undergraduate to give young people a voice and a platform to effect real change on behalf of our ocean and climate. Daniela has since been inducted to 2019’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list and the World Economic Forum’s Friends of Ocean Action.

Satya Narayana Nadella is an Indian American business executive. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, succeeding Steve Ballmer in 2014.

Brune Poirson is a French politician serving as Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition since 2017.


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