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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Stories from a Blue Planet: Bob Kihslinger

funny animal picture of parrot fish

Funny animals pictures fight climate change

I don’t think there is anything that makes people fall in love with nature more than a funny animal picture. Think about it. When you look at that goofy Parrot Fish in the photo above can you not smile?

There are dozens of websites that display funny photos of every species you can think of. For many of us, however, the smiles are wistful. With all the news about the un-wilding of the earth and the potential extinctions of thousands of creatures one’s brain juggles humor with grief.

It’s ok to laugh and cry at the same time, though, because there is way to manage the pathos part of the equation. Turn it into action. Hook up with the World Wildlife Federation and adopt an animal. I did. The giraffe has long been my favorite animal. I now support a giraffe somewhere in Africa. When hydrogen powered airplanes come into mode maybe I’ll go meet him. Lord knows I’ve seen enough funny giraffe images and every time I do, they now remind me to fight climate change.

giraffe adoption certificate
Haven't got a name yet. Any ideas?

Then there is the opportunity to find a "local" animal organization you can get involved with. A good friend of mine, Loretta, from Fort Collins, Colorado, spent time at a raptor refuge caring for recovering eagles, hawks and peregrines. Our neighbor, Tammy, is a rescue home for dogs. She takes them in, fattens them up, and gets them ready for adoption. Go search online to see what opportunities there are for you to support the creatures living right there in your hometown.

So, enjoy the animals of the earth as they troll human nature. Just remember you owe them for the smile.

(Here is a link to a wonderful animal photo contest website. Kids will especially love it.)

image of laundry detergent in a biodegradable cardboard bottle