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56 Ways to Save Environment on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is another cherished tradition with a massive carbon footprint. According to the University of Manchester, a Thanksgiving dinner for eight is responsible for 44 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Sixty percent of that comes from the turkey alone.

Yet it is unlikely we will give up our 'belly-buster' holiday. We can, however, consider any number of ways to cut down on our climate change, environmental degrading profile on this splendid day. Here are 56 ideas to ponder.

88 Use paper cups not plastic cups

117 Only wash full loads in the dishwasher

160 Use metal and ceramic baking dishes instead of aluminum foil

168 Don’t pre-rinse your dishes before washing in dishwasher Read more

170 Check your oven through glass door without opening it

252 Use reusable napkins

257 Use the correct burners on your stove

283 Using the rinse hold setting on your dishwasher Read more

289 Don't put stuff in the fridge that doesn't need to be there Read more

364 Bake several dishes at same time if you can Read more

547 Use pressure cooker whenever possible. They cook quickly use less energy Read more

548 Foods and vegetables will take less time to cook if they are cut into small pieces.

549 Foods will cook faster & use less energy if you put lids on the pots and pans Read more

663 Don’t wash dishes with the water running continuously

667 Use reusable containers to store food instead of aluminum foil and cling wrap

678 Keep oils, fats and grease from going down kitchen sink

747 Don't waste time in front of an open refrigerator Read more And More

792 Cover liquids and food so they don't give off moisture in fridge Read more

797 Keep range-top burners and reflectors clean so they radiate better Read more

888 Things cook faster in real convection oven Read more

969 Use cast iron skillets instead of Teflon coated ones Read more

1012 Turn off oven early and cook with residual heat

1013 Air thaw your foods

1026 Heat leftovers with micro wave or toaster not oven

1051 Buy reusable coffee filters for the coffee pot

1076 Use tea strainers instead of tea bags

1201 Eat a locally grown Turkey

1208 Wash dishes with cleaning cloths and scrubbers instead of plastic

1347 Don't fly somewhere for Thanksgiving - stay close to home

1460 Use a "Guest-Imator" to plan Thanksgiving dinner Read More

1513 Be reasonable with your menu and shopping list

1514 Borrow cookers and dishes instead of buying

1515 Have a vegetarian Thanksgiving Read More

1516 Send leftovers home with people

1517 Carpool to get to Thanksgiving dinner

1519 Have dinner at family member's home most central to others to reduce travel

1520 Prepare fewer foods or smaller amounts to reduce waste

1523 Borrow a roasting pan instead of using aluminum throw away pans

1524 Tell people about your eco-friendly ideas for Thanksgiving

1525 Look for USDA Certified Organic Label on your Turkey

1529 DIY Make candle holders out of gourds

1531 DIY Decorate with nature

1532 DIY Have the kids make the Thanksgiving decorations Read More

1549 DIY Use baking soda and vinegar to clean your Thanksgiving drain

1689 Do an original Thanksgiving - have it with neighbors instead of travel

1690 Go meatless for Thanksgiving

1691 At Thanksgiving go paperless.

1692 Great time to compost or use a compost service

1693 Use your convection settings on the oven

1694 After thanksgiving dinner clean oven by hand to save energy

1695 Don't forget to lower the thermostat if you have lots of people for thanksgiving

1696 Use the microwave instead of the oven when possible

1698 Buy a Tofurky for your non-meat-eaters Read More

1699 Use non-toxic cleaners to get ready for your guests at Thanksgiving

1700 Serve tap water at Thanksgiving

1701 Use soy or vegetable wax candles for decoration

Happy Thanksgiving!


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