50 Ideas to Save Environment in Your Yard

Garden and Grass  

51 Grow a garden  Read more

147 Use an electric lawn mower

148 Remove your weeds by hand

149 Use natural fertilizers Read more

150 Use natural weed killers  Read more

151 Use metal watering cans

153 Use real stone or metal decorations in garden not plastic

162 Grow your own herbs  Read more

337 Use wooden bird houses instead of plastic

366 Put up composting garden beds  Read more  And More

367 Build a greenhouse for year round growing

449 Use compost fertilizers in garden  Read more  And More

452 Plant native grasses and shrubs that do not require a lot of extra water   Read more

454 Plant wildflowers in public areas to reduce mowing

465 Use electric garden equipment rather than gas powered

466 Buy a push mower for your lawn and you won't have to drive to the gym anymore

467 Use "hand" pruners and yard tools rather than gasoline or electric-powered ones.

468 Keep yard equipment sharp and use less fuel