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Climate Change is the long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns on earth.

Environmental Degradation is is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil along with the destruction of ecosystems and he extinction of wildlife.

Write Your Own Article

Here are some ideas for those of you who would like to write an article for this website about the environment.

*Concerns and fears you have about what is happening.

*Ideas you want to share about how to help the situation.

*Something you tried that worked.

*Something you tried that didn't.

*A review of an Eco-Product.

*A memory about how things used to be.

*A review of a book or a website or a movie you thought worthwhile.

*Some social action that you were involved in.

*What others are doing around the world.

*How you are coping with things.

*What strikes you most about what is going on.

To get more ideas take a look at the blogs currently on the site.  Just a reminder that if your article is published we donate $5.00 to a group or organization working for a sustainable world.

6 Question Interview

Send us your answers to these six questions and we'll publish them.

1.  What are your thoughts about the claims that the climate is warming, the environment is being destroyed and that humans are the cause?

2. In your mind what are the driving forces of climate change and environmental degradation?

3.  Has your life been affected in any way?  If so, how?

4. In your opinion, what needs to be done?

5. Do you consider yourself a part of the problem or a part of the solution?

6. What do you think the long-term outcome of climate change and environmental degradation will be?

Include your name, email address, city and state you live in, bio information you might wish to include.

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